When you are looking for inspiration on how to restore intimacy to your relationship, the internet has great resources. There is a simple, but creative place to begin.

You may be sensing that you are drifting away from your spouse or that your marriage is becoming lifeless and operating on automatic. If you have stopped having fun together and think that you just don't have anything to talk about, you can do something that rekindles that spark.

A good communication exercise can be the beginning for the changes that you want in your marriage. Negative feelings like boredom, and negative perceptions, like believing that you are being taken for granted, creates a climate where marital difficulties are more likely to arise.

Consistent and effective communication helps make your relationship resilient to common relationship problems. Your relationship can be revitaized by improving your communication. Good communication can go a long way to restoring your positive feelings about each other. When you step up your communication efforts, your sense of partnership can be restored. Interest in each other can increase?all of which can go a long way in preventing marital discord, infidelity, and dissolution.

Just about anyone can benefit from improving his/her ability to listen? The need to feel "heard" and "understood" can feed that self-reinforcing pattern of circular arguing and fighting. The more compelled that one feels to make himself or herself understood, the less s/he is able to listen to the other person. The harder one tries to engage the other, the worse the communication actually gets. This is a self-perpetuating pattern, assuring that the longer it persists, the more likely that neither will feel "heard" or "understood."

A structured or semi-structured communication exercise, like "The Honey Jar", can reduce some of the anxiety or awkwardness about changing up an interaction pattern. A communication exercise that uses neutral items makes it less stressful or threatening. With neutral topics, you don't feel pressured into bringing up "touchy" subjects. You can practice "risking" in a non-threatening way. When couples schedule a time daily or weekly for a communication exercise and make it a "sacred time" where nothing gets scheduled in on top of it, it will become a habit and communication will improve. Pick a good communication exercise, like The Honey Jar, and get started today.

The Honey Jar is a couple communication exercise that assists couples in starting neutral conversations. It consists of sentence stems, printed individually on cards, that are randomly selected for conversation. Topics include a range of subjects. Partners can talk about themselves and the relationship in ways that feel less risky or less threatening